• Amazing Selection!

    Amazing Selection

    We have a great selection of Zapotec rugs!

  • Our Sea of Color

    Our Sea of Color

    Enjoy all the wonderful colors of these hand-woven pieces!

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Welcome to Sisters Zapotec Collection!  We offer a huge selection of genuine, hand woven rugs, runners and table accents from Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico.  The Zapotec weavers have been creating their amazing pieces for centuries.  Their collections are all made from wool and are of the highest quality.  The weavers’ passion, care and pride for their work reflects in everything they make.  From coasters to large area rugs, we are sure you will find the size, pattern and colors that will be a wonderful addition to your home!

*Due to the nature of our store, our website does not have a shopping cart option. Please visit in person or contact us if you have shipping questions.*

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