About the Product

Sisters Zapotec Collection buys the finest weavings available from the master weavers of the ancient village of Teotitlan del Valle in the state of Oaxaca.  Oaxaca is located in southern Mexico.

The finest weavers continue to use predominately traditional, organic dye materials, as well as natural shades of wool.  Each family has their own closely guarded secrets for the dyeing process, and there are, from family to family, wide variations in the quality of colors produced.

Sisters Zapotec Collection has developed from a home to home search in the village for the finest weavings available.  These pieces of ethnic art were chosen for the strength of the weave, quality of the dyes, complexity of the design and the expression of warmth and cultural spirit.

All of the pieces we offer are genuine and hand woven by the Zapotecs of Teotitlan del Valle.  They are made from 100% sheep’s wool and are woven in such a manner that they are identical on both sides of the rug.  This allows you the option of flipping your Zapotec rug over to its other side from time to time.

Since they are made of wool, they wear very well and are fairly impervious to soiling.  Maintenance is minimal.  Periodic vacuuming or shaking out of your rug is usually more than enough to keep your Zapotec rug looking fresh.  Blotting up of any liquid spills is usually enough to keep it from staining.   Although highly unlikely, if your Zapotec weaving ever needs to be cleaned beyond these means, we recommend a wool cleaning product (like Woolite) or have your Zapotec rug professionally cleaned.  Please do not launder in a washing machine or use a dryer.

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